I-90 VS ARMOR 360°

I-90 (Insurance 90) is the traditional insurance bidding process. I-90 is a fast-paced highway where an agent is focused solely on the procurement of insurance quotes during the 90 days immediately prior to the annual renewal. This route is the most heavily traveled road in our industry. I-90 is a quick trip, and when multiple agents and brokers are on the road, the marketplace grows confused and congested. Every business has risk issues – potholes – that need attention and repair. Unfortunately, there are no stops on I-90 to identify, measure, or mitigate these risks. Due to the limited time and the amount of work required to get insurance quotes, the potholes (risk issues) go unaddressed, or even worse, not even noticed. Because there are no signs that point toward Risk Profile Improvement (RPI), I-90 is an expensive route to travel.

There is a better way!


Armor 360° is a slower, more scenic route. You must go beyond insurance in navigating the hills and valleys of your organization. While traveling on the back roads of your business, you may encounter potholes (risk issues) and see the need for guardrail installation. However, unlike I-90, you have ample time to identify, measure, and mitigate these hazards.

The Armor 360° Journey typically begins three to four months after the insurance renewal with a formal Risk Management Audit. This Audit focuses on exposure identification and risk mitigation, and is supported by a prioritized Risk Profile Improvement (RPI) plan of action.

As you can imagine, underwriters love Armor 360° because it gives them evidence of continuous risk management improvement. Armor 360° gives them substantiation to reduce the toll!