Group Health Coverage

Group Health Coverage in Salisbury, Maryland, Milford, Delaware, Laurel, Delaware and across the United States.

Offer your employees comprehensive healthcare with group health insurance by choosing from a range of plans that cover employees and/or dependents and determine premium coverage options.

Employee benefits are more than just an added perk – they are a critical part of an employee’s compensation package. By offering group health insurance, your business can attract and retain top talent, improve employee health, and increase productivity.

With a range of plans to choose from, you can decide to cover just your employees, or extend coverage to their families and dependents. You can also choose to fully or partially cover the premium costs.

The cost of group health insurance will vary based on your business location, the number of employees to be covered, and their ages.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, pre-existing conditions and medical histories no longer impact the cost of insurance. Group health insurance pools the risk, reducing the per-employee cost compared to individual insurance.

Group health insurance also offers tax benefits. Employer-paid premiums are fully tax-deductible, and small businesses may even be eligible for a tax credit up to half the cost of the premiums.

Take the first step in providing comprehensive healthcare for your employees. Contact us to explore your group health insurance options today.

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