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What is IQRM?

The IQRM (Intelligence Quotient for Risk Management) is the first step to identifying the risks that most greatly affect your business.


With this integral piece of The Insurance Market’s Armour 360® process, we will ensure you receive a comprehensive program that maximizes your insurance investment.

How IQRM works?

We will work together to analyze the effectiveness of managing risks, develop strategies to protect your assets, and improve your risk profile. Additionally reducing your insurance costs, monitoring, and fine-tuning risk management programs as your business evolves.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
1. My buy-sell plan has been updated to reflect the existing business structure.(Required)
2. The current value of my business is correctly represented in the buy-sell plan.(Required)
3. The buy-sell plan has been funded to the appropriate level based on the existing business’ value.(Required)
4. My organization is not vulnerable to reduced revenue or inefficiencies due to a death, disability, or departure of a key employee.(Required)
5. We would be able to quickly replace key employees in the event of their death, disability, or departure.(Required)
6. We provide adequate incentives to keep key employees from leaving my organization for better opportunities.(Required)
7. Our organization has mitigated the financial burden of the death or disability of a key employees.(Required)
8. The business would be able to maintain its position in the marketplace if I or my partner(s) (if applicable) died or became disabled tomorrow.(Required)
9. My family would receive fair compensation from the shares of my business interests if I died.(Required)
10. The business would be able to support my income needs in the event I become disabled and am no longer able to perform my traditional work requirements.(Required)
11. I would be willing to operate my business with my surviving family in the event my partner(s) dies.(Required)
12. A third party reviews and assesses the value of the business on a scheduled basis.(Required)
13. My personal advisory team has a high level of awareness with my business continuation plan.(Required)
14. I possess a detailed plan to transition my business interests to personal wealth for retirement.(Required)
15. I have a high level of confidence that I would be able to live off recurring payments from the company at my retirement.(Required)
16. As part of my legacy, I have a strong desire that my business survives long after I cease involvement.(Required)
17. There is a viable internal purchaser or external market to whom I could sell my business interests.(Required)
18. I plan on transferring my business interests.(Required)
19. I am comfortable that I have adequately coordinated my business insurance with my personal insurance program.(Required)
20. I possess a high level of confidence that my personal estate plan coordinates with my business succession plan.(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.