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What is IQRM?

The IQRM (Intelligence Quotient for Risk Management) is the first step to identifying the risks that most greatly affect your business.


With this integral piece of The Insurance Market’s Armour 360® process, we will ensure you receive a comprehensive program that maximizes your insurance investment.

How IQRM works?

We will work together to analyze the effectiveness of managing risks, develop strategies to protect your assets, and improve your risk profile. Additionally reducing your insurance costs, monitoring, and fine-tuning risk management programs as your business evolves.

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1. How effective has your organization been in insuring that each employee receive a copy of the substance abuse policy or policy summary and signed an Acknowledgement & Consent Form acknowledging receipt and understanding of the substance abuse policy?(Required)
2. How effective is the substance abuse policy in addressing alcohol use including: Specific breath alcohol concentration (BAC) for being under the influence? Specific rules defining when alcohol may be consumed for: Company parties/ picnics and social functions, Business related entertainment with company personnel, Business related entertainment with non-company personnel, While traveling on business, Specific rules defining when possession of alcohol may occur (i.e. on property/in vehicles, etc.).(Required)
3. How effective is your organization at reviewing/updating your substance abuse policy every 24-36 months to reflect industry, legal and technology changes, etc.?(Required)
4. To what extent does your substance abuse policy considers Federal, State and Case law in each state(s) the organization has ongoing business?(Required)
5. How effective is your substance abuse policy in including: Pre-employment drug testing, reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing, post-accident drug and alcohol testing, follow-up to treatment drug and/or alcohol testing, other.(Required)
6. How clearly defined is your substance abuse policy regarding post-accident drug and alcohol testing, including who, when and how?(Required)
7. To what degree is your organization’s drug testing lab certified by NIDA/SMSHA?(Required)
8. To what extent does your organization utilize a Medical Review Officer (MRO) to review all test results, not just positive test results?(Required)
9. How effective is your organization’s rules and procedures at handling medical and recreational marijuana and synthetic drugs?(Required)
10. How effective are your organization’s rules and procedures at reporting and accommodating prescription drug use, including which employees are to report what information?(Required)
11. How effective are your organization’s procedures at handling of refusals, adulterants, dilutes, substitutes and shy bladder/dry mouth?(Required)
12. How effective is your substance abuse policy at establish step-by-step procedures for managers on how to: intervene when responding to an employee who may have a drug or alcohol problem, conduct an inspection, confiscate controlled substances.(Required)
13. How effective is your substance abuse policy in including a last-chance/rehabilitation agreement compliant with our state requirements?(Required)
14. How clear are your organization’s rules concerning a drug or alcohol conviction or an arrest that occurs while working for our organization?(Required)
15. To what extent does your organization have a separate written compliance policy and program for DOT/FMCSA or other Federal agency as applicable?(Required)
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