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What is IQRM?

The IQRM (Intelligence Quotient for Risk Management) is the first step to identifying the risks that most greatly affect your business.


With this integral piece of The Insurance Market’s Armour 360® process, we will ensure you receive a comprehensive program that maximizes your insurance investment.

How IQRM works?

We will work together to analyze the effectiveness of managing risks, develop strategies to protect your assets, and improve your risk profile. Additionally reducing your insurance costs, monitoring, and fine-tuning risk management programs as your business evolves.

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1. We conduct regular audits to meticulously assess and effectively analyze employee retention rates. Through these audits, we scrutinize and evaluate factors contributing to employee turnover, allowing us to identify trends, areas for improvement, and effective retention strategies.(Required)
2. Our organization has effectively implemented a robust talent retention strategy aimed at nurturing and retaining top-tier employees.(Required)
3. Within the last 3 years, we have effectively conducted compensation and benefits benchmarking to ensure that our offerings remain competitive and aligned with industry standards through comprehensive analyses and comparisons with industry peers.(Required)
4. We have been effective in our efforts of celebrating and recognizing the contributions of our employees through robust engagement and recognition programs. We understand the significance of acknowledging the dedication and achievements of our workforce.(Required)
5. We understand the importance of work-life balance and effectively offer flexible work arrangements to accommodate diverse needs.(Required)
6. We effectively prioritize the holistic well-being of our employees by implementing comprehensive well-being initiatives. We understand that creating a healthy work environment goes beyond professional success and encompasses physical, mental, and emotional wellness.(Required)
7. We effectively prioritize continuous learning and skill development by providing a range of comprehensive programs. We believe in furthering a culture of growth and innovation, offering diverse learning opportunities that empower employees to enhance their skills, stay updated with industry trends, and explore new avenues for professional development.(Required)
8. We successfully prioritize regular and timely feedback for our employees' continuous growth and success.(Required)
9. We regularly conduct effective employee engagement surveys as part of our commitment to cultivating a thriving work environment.(Required)
10. We recognize the importance of offering incentives beyond health benefits to enrich the overall employee experience. In addition to providing comprehensive health benefits, we effectively offer a range of incentives such as performance-based bonuses, recognition rewards, professional development opportunities, and flexible work arrangements.(Required)
11. We have a proactive strategy in place for scenarios where a top performer approaches us with another job offer. We value our top talent immensely and understand that such situations require careful consideration.(Required)
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