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Results From the CVSA’s 2023 Brake Safety Week Are Here

The results are from this year’s Brake Safety Week, an annual campaign that’s part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Operation Airbrake program. The purpose of this event is to reduce brake-related crashes on the road and raise awareness regarding the importance of brake maintenance and efficiency. Keep reading to learn more about Brake Safety Week and review the key findings from this year’s event.

What is Brake Safety Week?

During this week-long initiative – which took place from Aug. 20-26 this year – commercial vehicle inspectors across North America aim to identify and remove unsafe commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) from roadways.

Specifically, CMVs are inspected throughout this event for critical, brake-related violations – which are outlined in the CVSA’s North American out-of-service criteria. CMVs with such violations are placed out of service and must be removed from roadways until the necessary vehicle adjustments or repairs are made.

This Year’s Results

Here are some of the key findings from this year’s brake Safety Week:

  • Out-of-service vehicles – in the United States, a total of 18,301 inspections took place throughout this year’s event. Of these inspections, just over 12% of the CMVs were placed out of service due to critical, brake-related violations.
  • Lining and pad violations – Inspectors also collected data specifically regarding lining and pad violations. Some of the lining/pad violations found included: contaminated, cracked, loose or missing and worn linings or pads. In the United States, inspections revealed lining and pad violations with 352 power units and 236 towed units.

While lining/pad violations may not always result in out-of-service violations, CVSA stated it had chosen to emphasize them during this year’s Brake Safety Week because these violations can still impact a motor carrier’s safety rating. If not addressed promptly, lining/pad violations may escalate into more severe issues and could result in out-of-service violations, especially if they involve the steering axle or are combined with other brake violations, meeting the 20% brake criteria

Next year’s Brake Safety Week is scheduled for Aug. 25-31, 2024. For additional commercial fleet resources and risk management guidance, contact us today.