Spring Flood Safety Tips

Flooded Street

Spring brings warm weather and longer days. It also delivers heavy rains and snowmelt for many areas of the country, increasing the likelihood of floods. How you prepare for a flood and what you do afterward can potentially lessen the damage. To protect you, your family and your property, review these flood safety tips.

Safety Matters

Aerial drone image of the Delaware Memorial Bridge

Keeping outdoor walking surfaces—such as parking lots and sidewalks—clear of ice in the winter is a crucial practice at many workplaces. Not only does ice removal offer aesthetic benefits, it can also help keep you, your coworkers and the general public (e.g., customers or passersby) protected from the risk of slips and trips on the job site. With this in mind, here’s how you can play your part in promoting effective and safe de-icing measures at the workplace this winter .

Safety Focused

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There are many tasks that may require you to lift heavy objects on the job. Although these everyday tasks may seem harmless, they have the potential to cause serious injuries that can permanently impact your life if they aren’t performed safely.